Parliamentary Procedure Made Simple: the Basics DVD

"Parliamentary Procedure Made Simple: The Basics (DVD 80 minutes) is Robert McConnell Production's ground breaking video, lets everybody benefit from orderly meetings, neither wasting time, nor ignoring a full discussion and the rights of monority opinion." These were the words of Garry Gilliland, a North Carolina attorney, when he first saw the video.

This video presents a clear, simple explaination of how to conduct a meeting, make a motion, vote, take minutes, and follow proper procedure according to Robert's Rules of Order. The video was written, produced and directed by Robert McConnell with help from a mid-western university's student government representatives. It contains 60 minutes of clear, step-by-step instructions on how to follow Robert's Rules. At the end there is a 20 minute simulated meeting to explain the major points of Robert's Rules. Total running time is 80 minutes.

The script for this video was reviewed by a registered parliamentarian to insure the accuracy of the information.

The video is intended for audiences from junior high to adults. It would be especially useful to new officers of organizations as well as new members who may not yet know about Robert's Rules of Order.

Included with the video is a handy printed reference booklet containing key definitions, terms and concepts such as the order of a business meeting. An officer can conduct a meeting with the printed handbook at the lecture.

Here are some of the topics included in the video. Parliamentary procedure and what they do explains what a parliamentary authority is why we need to follow correct procedures.


Order of Business

Order to Adjournment

How To Get Business Before The Assembly

Subsidiary Motions

  1. Postpone Indefinitely: to kill the motion
  2. Amending motions and taking the vote on amendments
  3. Refer to a Committee:
    • What committee
    • What it is to do
    • When it is to report
  4. Previous Question: close debate and the rules of closing debate
  5. Lay on the Table only used to set business aside number temporarily





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